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Staying Alive In A Toxic World, by Katrine Volynsky and Wade T. Lightheart

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    Today's world is filled with more toxins and challenges than every before as humanity learns to manage a world with 7 billion plus people.  Wade & Katrine have put together a simple easy to use guide to help you navigate the mass of information and conflicting strategies in a achieving optimal health and well-being without wasting time and money.  This guide will clarify how you can transform your health in just a few minutes day, where to spend your time, your energy and your money for maximum effect.  Pick up your copy today. 

    Wade T. Lightheart, Author

    Katrine Volynsky, Author

    Humanity is suffering from a power outage!

    The Good News is that it’s never been easier to correct.

    The solutions to the challenges in the world lie within us. How is it that we expect to live a healthy, dis-ease-free life when we continually eat foods that reduce the electrical potential of the human body we inhabit?

    The photo on the left shows the amount of electrical energy found in a hamburger. The one on the right demonstrates the amount of energy in a lentil sprout. Which food do you think will provide you more energy?

    This book was written to demonstrate how YOU can bring more vitality back into your life, build up your stamina, and access incredible amounts of energy to do the things you love.